January 2022 Exhibitors

Musgrave Crafted Spirits

Musgrave’s Crafted Spirits are the perfect combination of fruitiness, botanicals, and smoothness and are famous for launching the first pink gin in South Africa. Each bottle has a fresh taste and is made with love where it counts – in Cape Town.


Schweppes was designed as the ultimate mixer to refresh your beverages and elevate cordials and mixers. Schweppes has a lively effervescence that makes it great on its own or paired with the right cordial or spirit for a refreshing mocktail or cocktail. Best served over ice and garnish with fresh fruit.

Massimo's Spiriti Famosi

Italian spirits with an African twist! Massimo’s handcrafted spirits are made from the best ingredients.  Their product range includes Limone, Arancia and Zenzero.

Saggy Stone

Saggy Stone is a craft brewery from the Nuy Valley near Robertson with one of the most diverse range of beers available. They offer over 15 different styles, from light and hoppy, to dark and rich. There\’s a flavour for everyone.

Blackwood Spirits

Blackwood Spirits is a small – make that nano distillery – set up by wife and husband team Helene and Guido Zsilavecz in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Made in small batches, each bottle\’s production is overseen by Helene and Guido.  From sourcing the raw materials, which includes freediving for kelp, to the final packing.  Each step is honest craftmanship.

New Chapter Gin by Free Spirit Distilling

It’s a family affair! New Chapter is a family-owned business.  Each bottle is sure to delight with a love and dedication to the craft distilling industry.


Blomendahl is an artisanal winery & distillery in the cool Elgin Valley, Cape Town, South Africa.
The ‘B’ is the signature of FJ and consequently our seal and logo. The feather represents our painstaking accuracy.

At Blomendahl all our wines and spirits are handcrafted in small batches. We grow our own organic grapes, lemons and many herbs and spices. The father and son team personally ensures that our high-quality standards are followed every step of the way.

Uplift Kombucha

Uplift sets out to redefine the modern individual\’s perception of kombucha.

Uplift\’s slow-brewed Kombucha is for everyone everywhere. The finest natural tea from the Cederberg mountain range creates a light and subtle kombucha that still bursts with flavour. Fully fermented with our living cultures, Uplift\’s Kombucha is a probiotic powerhouse with living cultures to support the gut, aid digestion, and boost immune health. The perfect palate pleaser for new and experienced Kombucha drinkers alike, each Uplift Kombucha is naturally effervescent with 100% organic tea and selected natural ingredients.

Kaapse Liqueurs

Kaapse Liqueurs and Cape Spirits is a South African Company producing Liqueurs, Buchu Gin and Cape XO Buchu Brandy (minimum 10year old blends of potstill brandies). The liqueurs include Limoncello, Buchu Limoncello, Honeybush, Pittekou (Granadilla).

Kaapse Liqueur Spirits add value to all social occasions, in that they can be paired with loads of foods and dessert combinations. Additionally, they can also be used in and with numerous cocktails and recipes, consumed with a favourite mixer, or best just over crushed ice.

The Spirits are naturally made with no preservatives or artificial additives, using local highly sought after, indigenous Western Cape fynbos, such as Buchu and Honeybush, which have well documented health benefits.

Culture Lab

Culture Lab Kombucha is a premium slow-brewed raw Kombucha.

It can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to soda drinks and alcoholic beverages (or as a mix therein) or consumed purely for the delicious taste and gut-healing properties.

UnCanny Wine


South Africa\’s FIRST certified premium wine in a can. \”No Sulphur Added\”, Vegan-Friendly wine. Packaged in a can to lower your carbon footprint!

UNCANNY has taken our country’s established winemaking traditions and combined it with brilliant innovation and great design to create exclusive, premium quality wines in environmentally-friendly cans.


StillOaky is a new craft distillery producing fine craft gin and other spirits.
Home to Searsia London Dry Gin, Roasted Rooibos infused Gin & Aardvark Gin.

Six Dogs Distillery

Six Dogs Karoo, Six Dogs Blue, Six Dogs Pinotage Stained and now Six Dogs Honey Lime. Passionately crafted. One batch at a time.

To them, distilling gin is not just about the handpicked botanicals or their custom-designed copper still or the molecular technology they use to protect the delicate flowers used in the gin. It is about waking up every day and loving what they do. It\’s about setting out to make the finest gin, one batch at a time. It is about creating something unique. Something to be proud of. That\’s who they are.

Nestled in the little valley of De Wet in the Western Cape province of South Africa, their range of hand-crafted premium gins pays homage to family, friends, their partners in the trade, gin-lovers in South Africa and around the world, and their ever-faithful six dogs.


Matawi, which means branches in Kiswahili, invites you to branch out and experience the best Africa has to offer. Matawi offers a premium range of alcoholic honey beverages that are all-natural, sustainably produced, and low in sugar.

Karoo Prick Co.

Small batch Karoo Prickly Pear Gin.

The avant-garde will delight your senses!

Raw Squeeze

Raw Squeeze is a locally founded company with a global mindset geared toward healthy living. They deliver bespoke, healthy, freshly produced products delivered to your door. Run by a mother of two who understands how difficult it is to fit in healthy alternatives to today\’s unhealthy options.

Loxtonia Cider


Their range of ciders is made from hand-picked apples from the Ceres Valley. Their apples are freshly pressed and naturally fermented to produce a quality cider. Their philosophy \”Orchard to bottle\” creates a premium, natural cider with no preservatives or artificial additives.

Hope Distillery



Hope Distillery mixes free-spirited determination with a serious desire to produce spirits of exceptional quality. Established in 2014, Hope Distillery was the first licensed small-batch distillery to open in Cape Town. They continue to uphold their reputation for quality and consistency across their range of carefully crafted spirits. Resident Gin & Spirit Maker, Lucy Beard, steers a team of stillmen to produce small-batch vodka, agave spirit and a range of gins.

Clifton Gin

Clifton Beach is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and an icon of the Cape. Inspired by Cape Town and its love of the ocean, Clifton Cape Gin encapsulates the spirit of the Cape. The Clifton Collection of signature gins echoes the series of exclusive beaches, each at the bottom of its cliff.

They are passionate about producing a rare collection of botanical gins that represent the love they have for Clifton, the Cape, and our lovely oceans. Learn more about their Rare Sipping Gin and Pure Cocktail Gin and add these award-winning gins to your collection.

Unit 43 Distilling Co.

Makers of the Strong Stuff.

Explorers, Outlaws, Craftsmen… rugged yet refined, just like their spirits.

They love making things they love, and they love well-crafted spirits, so it was inevitable that the two would come together. As a family-owned company, they have a hand in all aspects of the distillery and distilling process, including growing our botanicals, building all their equipment, from the still to the bar and even their bikes… yes, they love bikes too! Almost all of their equipment is made from recycled materials…, and their products are 100% recyclable.

Old Packhouse Distillery

A small batch handcrafted gin distillery aimed at producing exemplary gin. They craft award winning gin from all natural and locally produced ingredients, to bring you a taste of nature\’s best with every sip. Their gin is a clear, distilled spirit with dominant traditional and African botanical flavors of juniper, flowers, and locally sourced fruits.

Terra Madre

Cold pressed, single varietal apple juice & pear juice (100 % pure | No sugar | No Preservatives); Organically grown vegetables and a range of artisanal products made on the farm are available online OR at the farm shop.

Pienaar & Son Distilling Co.

Pienaar & Son is a small craft distillery located in the Silo District of Cape Town Harbour.

Nestled next to the waters edge our tiny distillery goes about its business finding fresh ways of creating and introducing people to quality, modern spirits. Although we more than appreciate traditional methods and the history of distillation, the notion that ‘older is better’ could not be further from our opinionated truth. Our “Master Distiller” just entered his 30s, all our equipment is newly hand built locally and our processes are based off cutting edge nerdy engineering principles developed by the chemical engineering brains behind the operation. A father with more than 40 years of distilling technology experience and his stubborn son, hand crafting spirits with science and art, we believe in starting traditions, not following them.

Monks Gin

The alchemy of gin. Michelangelo Gold Medal 2018. Best SA Classic Gin in the 2019 World Gin Awards held in London. Best SA Contemporary Gin in the 2019 World Gin Awards held in London.

da Rocca

A Craft beverage company bringing you quality products for your enjoyment and refreshment. Based in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa. At da Rocca, they delight in creating rich, unique flavours using fresh, locally grown high quality ingredients. And, with the launch of their new online store, they’re looking forward to you joining the adventure!

Friesland Wines

Friesland is a premium handcrafted Stellenbosch family wine range from Cape Wine Master De Bruyn Steenkamp and wife Marilise. Located in the Bottelary Hills, with elevated south-west facing slopes overlooking Table Bay, this boutique 36 hectare farm is ideally situated for producing the finest quality Stellenbosch varieties. Friesland is also a province of The Netherlands, and hence honours the Dutch heritage of the first Steenkamps settling in the Cape during the 1600’s and De Bruyn as 4th generation on the family land. Our quality ranges include Friesland, Frisia, Stellenbosch Uitsig, Welgelegen and Kleine Vesting.

Arra Vineyards

Situated in the heart of South Africa’s Cape Winelands, Arra Vineyards enjoys an ideal location where they grow, produce and bottle all their wines. The Klapmuts Mountain provides them with an abundance of water and shelters them from the Cape’s south-easterly winds, while providing their vines with ideal soils and north facing slopes for ample sunshine.

Caperitif (AA Badenhorst)

By the end of the 20th century, Caperitif had become a ghost ingredient in classic cocktail recipes. What was this mysterious ‘Cape Aperitif’ that was referenced in that classic cocktail bible from the late 1800’s, the Savoy Cocktail Book? This question asked by an adventurous Danish mixologist lead to a meeting with a maverick South African winemaker and the rebirth of South Africa’s once-famous vermouth. Caperitif is handcrafted by infusing Chenin Blanc with the flavours and aromas of some 35 natural botanicals, many of which are unique to the insane biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Brew Kombucha

Certified Organic to bring you the purist Kombucha which cares for the environment of your body, but also caring for the environment in which we all live, so you can make a positive impact too!

Le Pommier Wine

Le Pommier wines are good quality wines, best enjoyed with great company, family, friends, love and laughter, with or without food.

Belle Rebelle

The distillery was started in 2015 when the Belle Rebelle team decided to start the production of vintage estate brandy. Annually the team produce 4 barrels of high quality brandy from grapes produced by the farm. As regulations require it to be in barrels for 100 months, the public still has 4 years to wait for the first bottle to be released.

The production of Gin started in 2016 with the introduction of the Fijnbos Fields Gin with Confetti Bush, Honey Bush and Buchu as main fynbos ingredients. In the first year after the release it won Double Gold at the Michelangelo International wine and spirits competition. The African Dry Gin was launched the following year and new packaging to be launched in 2019.

Skye Frost Hard Seltzer

Skye Frost is the only hard seltzer that’s as light as the sky and as crisp as a glass of frosty water.

Made with sparkling water and a dash of alcohol with just a hint of fruit flavour, it’s a drink that’s so refreshingly simple, it’s liberating– an open invitation with a revitalising kick to take you from dreaming to doing.

So, why limit your drive, your dreams, your destination? Let your excuses run dry. Quench your curiosity. Drink in the spirit of adventure. Change things up with Skye Frost, the hard seltzer that’s as fresh & light as the sky.

Triple Three Estate Distillery

Triple Three Estate Distillery distils three different craft gins with perfectly balanced flavours, the perfect start to a world class drink.

Norah's Valley

Norah\’s Valley produces de-alcoholised wines that are vegan friendly beverages that are to be enjoyed in their purest and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol. Our wines include: Velvet Red, Silk White and Satin Sparkling.

10 Oxes Craft Distillery

A tribute to our heritage. The essence of 10 Oxes lies in heritage. A heritage that’s deeply rooted in the heart of every bottle of 10 Oxes gin. It is a legacy of strength, bravery and courage.


Wilderer is SA’s first and most awarded craft distillery and host to two authentic German-Italian restaurants in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

Wilderer was established by Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer in Stellenbosch in January 1995 and enjoys the distinction of being South Africa’s very first state-of-the-art private grappa distillery.

Today Wilderer Distillery produces award-winning grappa, schnapps, liqueur and gin.

Ses'Fikile Wine

Ses’fikile is an indigenous brand with a global appeal. A figurative expression for celebration and achievement. It is an aspirational brand literally meaning “We have Arrived”. A brainchild of a former teacher from Gugulethu township who is passionate about wine and people. Ses’Fikile is the brand that the markets have been waiting for.

With us, YOU have arrived!

Strandveld Wines

Nestled between Elim and Cape Agulhas, and just 9km from the sea, lies the secluded Strandveld Vineyards.

Their range of unique Strandveld Vineyards wines are produced in limited quantities from only the finest grapes carefully selected from quality vineyards – each expressive of the terroir with which they have become synonymous.

Doña Distillery

Doña – meaning woman of rank. Doña is a craft distillery where they produce and develop innovative and exciting new products such as gin, rum, vodka and non-alcoholic drinks. They are passionate about the whole process and that is why they do everything, from sourcing local raw material to fermenting, distilling, bottling and labeling every product that leaves their distillery.

Kanu Wines

The name Kanu is from a legend told by an old Xhosa man who was raised in his grandmother’s house on the Goedgeloof farm. Day after day, he would tell of the mythical bird he had seen flying over the farm. According to him, if the bird’s shadow touches your crop, you are promised a bountiful year’s harvest! And, with the Kanu name comes the Kanu Promise: that each wine made by Kanu, no matter the price point, is made in such a way that it will always deliver on quality and flavour

Founded in 1692 as part of the famous Nooitgedacht farm, Kanu underwent various changes and an accumulation of history to become what it is today. As of 1997, the land and the wines became known as Kanu. The farm as we now know it, is located in the Polkadraai Hills of Stellenbosch originally known as Goedgeloof (meaning “good faith”).

Innocent Spirits Distillery

Innocent Spirits Distillery is the story of two old friends with a passion for consuming fine liquor, who finally decided to create some. These maverick distillers, in collaboration with a scientist, pioneered a way of softening spirits using modern and traditional methods. The result is alcohol that’s quite heavenly.

*Voted the best Pot Still Rum for Amber-Barrel, and best Spiced/Flavoured Rum for Coffee Spirit Aperitif Rum at the 2021 South African Rum Awards.


Beerworks is the realisation of a dream by three craft beer veterans who have finally found a home in Salt River. Beerworks has a line-up of regular favorites as well as seasonal styles brewed to make the most of local and imported malt, yeast and hops. It is home to popular brands such as Buglers, Three-Legged Cat, and Grumpy Gits.

Hester Bergh has extensive experience in marketing craft brewing to a wider audience and sees ‘Beerworks at the Yard’ as the next step on the road to converting Cape Town’s beer lovers to the variety of beer styles that will be on tap at the Spice Yard. Tim Bugler was a founder member of the Woodstock Brewers Co-op and is now perfecting the recipes for the new brew-pub situated at the Spice Yard.

Trevor Gerntholtz recently left Old Potters Brewery in Greyton and is looking forward to bringing his unique approach to brewing to craft beer lovers in Cape Town.

Woodstock Brewery

In the heart of Woodstock, you will find one of the best craft breweries in the country. Get great insight into the brewing process and meet the brewers responsible for the beers that are the result of sheer brilliance and outstanding craftsmanship from Woodstock Brewery.
Situated on Albert Road in Woodstock, Woodstock Brewery has grown from strength to strength in the past few years. With the talents of Head brewer Etienne, Woodstock Brewery now produces and distributes 12 different brews, including Seasonals and speciality brews.

Charlie's Brewery

Built in 2013, We are a small, independently owned brewery in the Deep South of Cape Town. We make real beer and have fun.

We also teach interested home brewers, the art of making all-grain beer from scratch.


Premium Distilled. The perfect craft, and nothing less.

As history serves to prove, humanity has this age-old obsession with perfection. We’re not exactly sure what we want, but when we get it, we know. So, when the UNCLES set out on their quest for the perfect distilled craft, they had certain criteria that it had to meet. It had to be smooth, it had to be premium distilled, and it had to be unique. And you know what? We did it!

UNCLES is a partnership of fun, experimentation, and enjoyment. A passion-project of all that is exceptional.

Ella Coffee

A blend of premium espresso and milk, is a natural energy booster with reduced sugar and no artificial ingredients. Because it needs no refrigeration, a shot of Ella can be enjoyed wherever you are. Just shake to make!

Kitapo Gin

Like the mermaid who inspired the gin, the Kitapo name is inviting and alluring. Kitapo Gin is distilled in Cape Town with an unwavering commitment to quality. They have chosen ingredients grown under the African sun that are bold and truly embody the Spirit of Africa, more especially the Kafue River of the Zambezi.

Crafted from a blend of grape spirit their African Gin is traditional in flavour while allowing the palate to experience a sense of the Kafue River. This base is infused with wild Rosehip and various organic botanicals making their gin rich in flavour, which shall prove its worth to be among the greats. Perfectly poised to appeal to the sophisticated craft gin consumer, this gin is minimalist with a touch of elegance. This gin is bound to be well known for its superior quality. 

Libby's Pride

From Tea lady to Wine lady..

Elizabeth started in the wine industry 19 years ago. At that time she carried knowledge of wine and had to go study about it. She never even drank wine, but after she did a prelim course at Cape Wine Academy, she then got a new mind set of how to enjoy and appreciate wine.

She worked at a wine company for 5 years as a marketer, but unfortunately that company closed and left her with nothing, but on the other hand , she had all the contacts and business relationships she built up over all the years, and thought she can use that to the best of her ability.

After lots of discussions, and identifying a supplier, it was the dawn of a new brand called “Libby’s Pride wines” in March 2009.

Elizabeth’s nick name and her star sign is Leo, and that symbol is of Strength and PRIDE.

She carries lots of passion for the wine industry, and with her determination she wants to become the most successful Black Women Owned company.

Trading in good wines is first and foremost the business of Libby’s Pride Wines. These wines are produced under the management team of Libby’s Pride wines and her winemaker, and as per requirements of the company clientele.


Ginologist is scientifically distilled and handcrafted using only the finest exotic botanicals to surprise and delight even the most ardent gin fans, making us the most awarded Gin in South Africa.

Our range includes, Floral, Citrus, Orient, I Love You, Summer Cup (Strawberry & Pina Colada), Alcohol Free (Floral & London Dry) and the latest edition to our portfolio; Spirit Coolers (Gin & Dry Lemon, Gin & Tonic, Strawberry and Pina Colada).

Brew Roots


The Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) has launched Brew Routes as an information platform for Tour operators, breweries and the general public.

We actively engage government to include more beer tourism in the local and international tourism marketing portfolio. We also engage and support local and national government on how to build and promote the Beer Tourism experience.

Best Spirits of Africa

Best Spirits of Africa (BSOA) is a Cape Town-based liquor manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. BSOA’s mission is to enrich the lives of consumers and commercial customers by producing top quality unique products through fit-for-purpose sustainable manufacturing processes, which directly benefit the communities they operate in.

BSOA produces a range of unique spirits including 1966: Artisanal Rum Punch (a ready-to-drink, rum-based cocktail), Waymaker Gin (Classic Dry, Blueberry and Rose), Mood Gin and NON VIR Gin, LadyBloom Gin, Bliss Gin and Braven Brandy.

BSOA is looking for listings for the products as well as opportunities to produce private labels or proprietary brands.

Kinship Spirits

[Kinship] Noun
n. a sharing of characteristics or origins Kinship Spirits Company is a brand house where the shared roots of our products, their stories and the brands they have inspired are united.


Wildwood offers an organic and sparkling drink with as much natural caffeine as a cup of coffee. It\’s made with sustainable yerba maté, a tea leaf from South America gaining worldwide popularity for its energizing and refreshing properties. Wildwood is the first brand in South Africa to brew and sell yerba maté locally, and we\’re proud to offer a clean product that\’s free of preservatives, low in sugar, and made with organic and natural ingredients. Come by to try the future of healthy energy.

Kindred Spirits

The craft spirits revolution has been led by gin – after all, it’s the perfect candidate based on its manufacturing history, ingredient complexity, and subtleties of its flavour profile. Enter the Sugarbird brand – founded at the end of 2017.

Original Fynbos is where the Sugarbird journey all began. Lovely floral flavour and a rare, uniquely Sugarbird citrus twang with a hint of Cape Fynbos. The showstopper Pink – Pino and Pelargonium and Africa’s 1st unfiltered gin, the juniper forward, purple Juniper Unfiltered complete Sugarbird flagship gins.

Constantly striving for innovation and ingenuity, Sugarbird is responsible for introducing the award-winning Lean on Me Gin, its glitter-filled Christmas counterpart, the Sugarbird XO 14-year-old pot still brandy, and a myriad of collaborative box collections of craft/heritage spirits.

Much like magical fireflies that gravitate towards one another, Kindred Spirits is a collaboration of like-minded South Africans, with a passion for interesting alcohol distillations, and a desire to share the experience with others. We have imparted a taste of Africa into each of our brands by using locally grown, and where possible, indigenous ingredients. You will find Cape fynbos in our gin, Cape honey in our brandy, Karoo agave in our agave spirits, and Table Mountain spring water in our Vodka. Each of the brands, whilst uniquely individual, all share the same attention to their traditional distilling methods as well as the quality ingredients that go into the making of them, True Kindred Spirits.

Sprix Hard Rooibos Seltzer

Our alcoholic beverages are made from all-natural & ethically sourced ingredients, with low calories & low sugar!

iTouch SA

Itouch massage deep tissue gun is perfect for everyday use, the Lite Massage Gun comes with 12 interchangeable massage heads to assist in relieving tight muscles and soreness. The Gun is cordless and rechargeable.

Namaqua Biltong

Namaqualand Biltong cc was established in 2008. Born with a vision and desire to produce and supply an alternative biltong product to the market. Pure South African meat at its best. With the realization that no food stuff is more beloved of South Africans, more authentically South African, than biltong.